Quality Policy

  • For TEZTRANS, the quality is top of priority in every stage of its logistic activities and it determines and achieves its goals in accordance with GMP-GDP standards with competent and trained personnel. The service level and providing perfect service from the very beginning are its main quality policies and it always works with a large and experienced quality team to ensure both application of the requirements of authorization certificate of the representative pharmaceutical warehouse and perfect implementation of the quality management systems.
  • Enforcement of the applicable laws and regulations, ensuring current GMP / GDP requirements, documentation, control and follow-ups of all processes are carried out with business partners.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

  • TEZTRANS provides the health and safety of employees and facility visitors who are the most valuable assets of company with the responsibilities brought by the HSE (Environmental Occupational Health and Safety) policies and targets.
  • For expanding the awareness of the HSE (Environmental Occupational Health and Safety) policy and creating awareness and culture; on going training plans are performed about occupational health and safety issues for all our employees including senior management, under the guidance of occupational safety specialist and occupational physician.
  • With this understanding, we provide the application of optimal technologies and methods to protect the health and safety of our employees while putting our activities into practice.

Environmental Policy

  • We, the TEZTRANS, accept the protection of the environment where we are living in, the prevention of pollution and continuous improvement as a part of our work.
  • With the engineering support, it is required to provide trainings that will raise awareness of all our employees in order to determine environmental dimensions, minimize and manage waste, minimize the impacts,  contribute to the protection of the environment within the source of our activities. 
  • We shape our works with this understanding and provide application of environmentally –friendly technologies and methods when putting our activities into practice.

Customer Satisfaction Policy

  • TEZTRANS brand equity is proportional to the customers’ satisfaction and loyalty level. Therefore, we know that each of our customers, every service we produce have a great importance to achieve our objectives.
  • With its experienced, dynamic and creative business development-sales and customer service teams, TEZTRANS determines its customers' needs and expectations, finds boutique solutions to their needs, develops the processes and manages the implementation processes of the projects in order to put solutions they offered into practice. Because each customer and each operation are managed on the basis of project, all customers' demands and expectations are met 100% with tailor-made business solutions.
  • All our customers have fixed customer service representatives. With the start of the project, all processes will be under the management of only one customer services representative and our customers follow  their processes with TEZTRANS via only one contact.
  • KPI, shipment, delivery, order, validation, inventory reports of our customers are prepared and shared regularly by the customer services in required periods and frequencies.
  • Also for all requests, questions, complaints and suggestions, our customer service representatives are at your disposal on the phone number 0 850 222 3 839

Security Policy

  • TEZTRANS ensures 24-hour security of all locations with its professional, technical services and security staff, while taking the advantages of the latest technology for ensuring the physical and information security of its employees, customers, visitors and products in its warehouses. It also aims at sustainability of security policies by creating awareness for its employees and visitors with periodic trainings. All security systems are monitored by BMS automation system and they are able to develop and take measures according to customer demands.

Kurumsal Risk Yönetimi

  • TEZTRANS, as a result of corporate risk assessment, it detects the risks that may pose a threat to its targets early, and manages the measures to be taken in the fastest and most effective way by creating the necessary action plans and annual activity plans to minimize it, and aims to continuously improve the processes. It adopts a management approach that makes a strong effort to create all the necessary conditions with an effective and transparent understanding in order to eliminate the risks that will threaten the environment and occupational health and safety.
  • As TEZTRANS, we direct our work with these understandings, and act in a way that balances with the awareness of providing high quality service, full compliance with current regulations and fulfilling our responsibilities towards all our stakeholders with whom we interact.


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  • T. +90 216 251 20 00 / +90 850 222 3 839
  • F. +90 216 251 20 30
  • E. info@teztrans.com