We Celebrated International Women's Day By Planting Saplings

As the TEZTRANS family, we presented our female employees with saplings specially prepared for their names on March 8, International Women's Day, and we immortalized this meaningful day by planting saplings in the garden of the facility. 


We wanted this meaningful day to always be remembered by preparing the saplings specially for the name. 
Our female employees planted the saplings presented to them in the garden of the facility. 

The sapling planting event of March 8, International Women's Day celebration held by TEZTRANS Logistics in its facility located in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone caused colorful images with the participation of all female employees. Saplings specially prepared for the name by TEZTRANS Logistics Human Resources Department were presented to our female employees, and 8 March International Women's Day was celebrated. Later, our employees met in the garden of the facility and carefully planted the saplings gifted to them.


The saplings were planted in the facility garden

While celebrating this meaningful day of our female employees, we, as the TEZTRANS family, wanted to once again show our sensitivity to the environment. We planted the saplings in our facility garden. Each of our employees, together with our gardeners, will take care of the saplings they planted and leave an important legacy to future generations.



Ratio of Female Employees 47% 

As the TEZTRANS family, we attach to human and environmental health, we attach great importance to the employment of women of all ages and positions, with the awareness of the value that women add to the business world as well as the importance. TEZTRANS is a leader in the logistics sector with a 47% female employee rate.

We are stronger with our female employees that we provide employment both in our management team and in our operational teams. 



Souvenir Photo 

Before the saplings were planted, all our female employees gathered in our facility garden so that the meaningful day would not be forgotten, and took a souvenir photo with the saplings that were gifted to them. Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, we experienced the pride and happiness of being one heart as the TEZTRANS family, even though there were distances at the event, where all precautions, especially mask and distance, were taken.

The photo shoot took place in accordance with the mask and distance rule within the scope of Covid-19 measures. 


We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this organization, especially TEZTRANS Logistics Human Resources Department.



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